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Stophier.nl - de Startpagina van Nederland!
Christmas 'Love You' ! Christmas 'Love You' !
Send it across to your grandpa/ grandma/ someone as close.
Season Of Peace... Season Of Peace...
Message of hope and love for everyone.
If Words Were Snowflakes... If Words Were Snowflakes...
A special poem for your sweetheart/ wife/ hubby.
Thinking Of You... Thinking Of You...
Reach out to your brother/ cousin/ someone like a bro/ buddy.
Love You... Love You...
A wonderful poem for your sister/ someone like a sis.
You Are Special... You Are Special...
Tell your mom/ dad/ someone you look up to, how much they mean to you.
Missing You Poem... Missing You Poem...
When you can't be with your loved one, this Christmas.
A Friend Like You.. A Friend Like You..
A heartfelt message for your friend.


Happy Holidays ! Happy Holidays !
Fun Flash card to wish everyone you know.
Merry Kiss-mas ! Merry Kiss-mas !
A cool wish for your sweetheart/ loved one.
Twelve Steps Of Christmas ! Twelve Steps Of Christmas !
Groovy wish for your friends.
Christmas Filled With Ho Hos ! Christmas Filled With Ho Hos !
A fun wish for your friends/ family.
Christmas Cheer ! Christmas Cheer !
Santa and his gang are here to spread happiness and joy.
Santa's Band ! Santa's Band !
Flash card with a rocking wish from the North Pole Boys !
Magical Christmas ! Magical Christmas !
Toot a fun wish to your friend.
Mmmmerry Christmas ! Mmmmerry Christmas !
Cookie up a sweet wish for friends/ loved ones.
Peace And Good Tidings ! Peace And Good Tidings !
Wish it to everyone you know.
Peace And Joy ! Peace And Joy !
Santa's bag overflows with happy wishes for you.
Santa's List ! Santa's List !
A cool wish for your kid/ grandchild/ someone you love.
Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Ho !
Wish everyone a merry holiday !
Merry Christmas ! Merry Christmas !
Santa, Rudolf and elves wish a happy holiday season.
Christmas As Special As You... Christmas As Special As You...
Wish it to someone you love.
Christmas Dreams ! Christmas Dreams !
A lovely wish for your friends/ loved ones.
Magical Christmas ! Magical Christmas !
Toot this holiday train to your friends.

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